The Digital Media Development Association of Canada (DMDAC) is a non-profit organization officially registered with the federal government of Canada. It is engaged in network platforms, information release, new media, self-media communication technology development, design application, operation management and talent training related to the digital media network.

DMDAC undertakes four functions: organization, coordination, service, and training. It is committed to promoting the healthy and orderly development of the digital media industry, promoting the prosperity of the digital media network, strengthening academic research, enhancing digital media exchange both in Canada and abroad. It will expand its role as a bridge and provide digital network services on all levels with novel forms and diverse contents fully attending to the needs of its members.

DMDAC actively recruits outstanding online media organizations and media experts. It also advocates and cultivates a new generation of digital media practitioners to participate in Canadian politics and economy to expand influence and progress together.

Values We Live By: