The first event of "Choral Singing of Seniors" online

At 8 pm in the evening of May 15th (Sunday), the first event of "Choral Singing of Seniors" was officially held online and it was a complete success. This event was held at zoom video conference in the form of online course teaching. Professional teachers taught people to learn abdominal breathing and explain all kinds of health care knowledage and make good friends, so as to add bright colors to depressed days in the pandemic!

This event was divided into two parts. First of all, The RCM registered teacher, a member of the Chinese Musician Association, Ms. Miao, who had rich experience in music education, led everyone to a choral singing event. During the singing process, she would explain the principle of breath in detail, and teach them the abdominal breathing and singing skills, so that everyone could relax, enhance their immunity, and maintain healthy and happy.

Ms. Miao is leading people sing

How could the singing without dance? As the saying goes, "dancing everyday, and you live to ninety-five.".

Then, Ms. Miao introduced the one way ticket dance video performed by the dance teacher, Lu Li.

The dance director Lu Li graduated from major of Shandong College of Arts, and she had won ten pieces of work from the outstanding award of CCTV dance competition and dancing Lotus Award. She designed a set of abdominal breathing health care exercise, which was simple and easy to remember. It didn't require much space and small movements, and it integrated popular music, breathing and acupoint massage into four parts, He would help everyone to explore new and interesting fitness methods during the pandemic, so that they could easily integrate health care into their daily lives.

Dancing teacher Lu Li

In the end, Binjiang Wu, the vice president of the World Association of acupuncture and medicine and the vice president of the World Association of traditional Chinese medicine, Ontario Chinese Medicine School of Canada, was specially invited to give health science and special lectures to everyone.

He gave a health care lecture to everyone: why is breath closely related to health care? How could singing Be good for health? What benefits could regular singing bring to the human body?

Health care was a treasure given by the Chinese culture for thousands of years, which gathered the essence of a hundred families in one. Since ancient times, he had never stopped pursuing self-cultivation.

Our original intention is to hope that all the middle-aged and old friends will be healthy. During the pestilence, the fundamental solution is to improve immunity. We should actively participate in health care activities and gain a healthy life.

Special guest Professor Xinwei Fe

In the end, the event ended. This event was organized by the EasyMedia designated by the federal government and various organizations. The event received support and recognition from many groups and organizations

As a highly influential overseas Chinese media, Easy Media has been committed to improving the sense of social participation of middle-aged and elderly people, paying attention to their physical and mental health, and taking improving their life quality and happiness as its own responsibility.

We hope to give you more warmth. This event is a regular activity. We will establish a WeChat group for health care and regularly hold all kinds of health care activities, including but not limited to health care singing and dancing activities, health care recipe sharing, Chinese medicine health discussion, daily health care clocking, tea party and so on.

Next Event:May 31st ,10am.  Toronto Botanical Garden

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