The Second Episode of the Short Film “Canada Senior Drama” is About to Begin

With the success of the first episode of the “Canada Senior Drama” hosted by the Digital Media Association of Canada (DMDAC), we would like to announce the second filming activity! We cordially invite all participants to join us at Edwards Gardens for an exciting day of action.

Event Details:
●时间与日期:7 月 20 日上午 11:00
●Location: Edwards Gardens, 755 Lawrence Ave E, Toronto Ontario M3C 1P2

Event Schedule:
●Start: 11:00am
●The opportunity to receive pointers from professional acting coaches and martial arts instructors

As an extremely influential overseas Chinese media, DMDAC has been committed to enhancing the social participation of middle-aged and elderly people, paying attention to the physical and mental health of the middle-aged and elderly groups, and taking it as its mission to improve the quality of life and enhance the happiness of the middle-aged and elderly groups.

Registration requirements: Anyone can participate

Registration method: Please inform the organizer DMDAC of your name and phone number as well as that of your relatives and friends.

Please scan the QR code to enter the group

For more information, please contact:


We welcome caring business and organizational leaders to show their love to the elderly and provide prizes.