7/24, the sixth section of “Choral Singing of Seniors” will be carried out!

In the middle of July, The sixth section of “Choral Singing of Seniors” will come!

Are you bored because you don’t socialize? Because of staying at home, we also don’t know through what method to exercise?

As a matter of fact, taking exercise is an exquisite knowledge. Practicing at home without discipline can be counterproductive. Therefore, this section is no longer conducted in the form of ZOOM live broadcasts, and the form will change to online and offline real-time live broadcasts. The content of the event will be as exciting as ever. During the activity, you will be able to exercise your body and strengthen your bones by singing and dancing. In the first half of the activity, we invited CM registered teacher, a member of the Chinese Musicians Association, and teacher Miao Miao, who has rich experience in vocal music education, to lead the joyful singing activity. During the process, we will explain the principle of breathing in detail, and teach abdominal breathing and singing skills.In the second half of the activity, we also invited our old friend Li Lu, a young dancer. In the past, Lulu began to teach everyone how to exercise their muscles and bones through dancing, increases their immunity and restore their energy through aerobic activities.

Time:Sunday, July 24, from 6 to 7:30 p.m

Where::Cadenza pianos  (20 East Beaver Creek Rd #105,Richmond Hill,ON L4B 1G6

Content:6:00 to 6:45, Teacher Miaomiao practiced the songs “Draw You” and “The furthest You are My closest love” with everyone.

6:45 to 7:30, Dance Teacher Li Lu continued to practice “One Way Ticket” with everyone.

Event prizes: 

  1. Lundy's Winery (9941LUNDY'SLANE Niagara Falls) provides one day and one night VIP accommodation + wine tasting
  2. Several bottles of Langdi white wine worth 30 yuan at LCBO
  3. 2 pieces of Chef's Casserole provided by FOTILE Kitchen
  4. FOTILE Kitchen provides delicious dinner for our middle-aged and elderly friends

(this activity is offline activities, friends want to go to the site, please attend the solitaire, especially the last didn’t get to the award of a friend can go to the scene, and we would like the last offline activities, some simple food for everyone, there are a lot of prizes waiting for you to take, we also can’t go to the scene of the friends will zoom live, See you on July 24th, Cadenza Pianos!! )

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