What is digital media?

What is a digital media product?

Digital media Digital media refers to the information carriers that record, process, disseminate, and acquire in the form of binary numbers. These carriers include digital text, graphics, images, sounds, video images, animations and other sensory media, and the representation of these sensory media. Representation media (encoding), etc., commonly referred to as logical media, and physical media that stores, transmits, and displays logical media. Digital media technology is a professional term of information and communication engineering, and its concepts and analysis methods are widely used in communication engineering, automatic control, signal and information processing, circuits and systems and other fields. According to the time attribute, digital media can be divided into still media and continuous media.

What is a digital media product?

The definition of media product can be understood in the following two ways:

1. Content or services produced and provided by the media. For example, the columns and content of newspapers, TV programs, services and advertisements such as weather forecasts are all media products.

2. Physical media products, such as digital TV products and mobile media devices, such as Ipad, were produced by relevant production departments. Generally speaking, it referred to the first type. As for the so-called digital media products, they were only in the first sense.

What is digital media? How does digital media work?

The role of digital media:

The most essential characteristics of digitalization are openness, compatibility and sharing. Therefore, its development process will bring about the following major changes in the communication pattern and the media itself:

1. Digitization communicates the three distinct fields of information (computer) industry, telecommunications industry and mass media industry in the past. Not only has the previous business crossed each other and the new trend of "triple play", but also cross-domain enterprises have emerged. Mergers and acquisitions and integration.

2. Digital media subverts traditional industries. For example, the impact of MP3 on the traditional recording industry is the most obvious example. MP3 has formed such an unprecedented new situation in technology: After the music is reduced to the permutation and combination of 0 and 1, anyone who has and masters the relevant means can easily recreate a perfect copy, and can make a perfect copy. Widespread dissemination via the Internet.

3. The rise of digital media to create new industries, such as the rise of video games, especially online games, is the most obvious example. The personalized communication characteristics of the media determine the subdivision of its communication objects, and even begin to customize and communicate with families and individuals as the basic units, which makes the traditional concept of audience more and more finely divided, which can be widely used in the public. On the basis of dissemination, more differentiated and precise dissemination will be carried out.

What do you mean by online media products?

Taking the network as the media carrier belongs to the network media.

To understand the products of online media, it depends on which angle to start from. The products derived from different angles will be different, such as current affairs news, education and training, life shopping, games and entertainment, e-commerce, etc.; From the perspective of marketing, it can be roughly divided into: video, pictures, and text. From the perspective of marketing, it can be divided into: video marketing, soft text marketing, special marketing, etc. The above is for reference only.

What does digital multimedia include?

Digital multimedia includes images, text, audio, video and other forms, as well as the use of digitization in the form and content of communication, that is, the digital process of information collection, access, processing and distribution.

Digital multimedia has become the latest information carrier after language, writing and electronic technology.

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